Smart Meter Installation Courses Glasgow - Nationwide Training Services Scotland

Smart Meter Installation Courses Glasgow - Nationwide Training Services Scotland

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    Smart Meter Installation Courses

    As part of the governments plan to bring our energy systems up to date millions of households across the UK will be installed with smart meters for gas and electric. With a relatively short smart meter life-spans of 10 to 12 years there will be sustainable employment for the future.

    There is no better time to become trained and qualified in Smart Meter installation.

    We have qualifications that will allow successful candidates to become a Smart Gas & Electric Meter installer in domestic property. Our smart meter installation courses will allow candidates a route in to the Gas industry and the chance to upskill to work on other gas appliances in the future if required.


    Smart meter installation courses are in high demand and there’s always a demand for qualified smart meter engineers in the UK due to the lack of apprentices and of course the renewable and energy efficiency sector is rapidly growing, attracting individuals and employers alike. With the demand comes the potential to earn high salaries and a great work/life balance which makes now the ideal time to gain the skills and qualifications you need towards a great career.

    As a qualified smart meter engineer or even a renewables expert you can choose to work for an employer part time or full time or start your own business. Just think, you could be your own boss enjoying a flexible lifestyle with a secure and satisfying new career, a great income and a trade for life.

    Nationwide Training Services (Scotland) is a private training centre with some of the top trainers and assessors in the industry, which offers both Scottish Qualifications and UK wide qualifications. We deliver a very high standard of training in Gas, plumbing and electrical for new students and experienced students alike. With a very good reputation in the industry, some of our customers include world famous Oil and Gas companies, Edinburgh Universities, local hospitals, Government office’s and training regulators . We have been established for 10 years and have been training and looking after hundreds of apprentices for the last 7 years.

    Nationwide Training Services have a variety of Scottish smart meter installation courses available throughout Scotland including Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Livingston.


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